Heulandite & Stilbite

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Heulandite takes you to another dimension of being, externally and internally. Internally it shows you your inner power, powers you didn’t know you had. Powers and skills that have been embedded in your DNA, they just never got a chance to arise and shine. Basic life patterns since childhood kept many of these skills suppressed. Heulandite brings those skills out of your core and helps you apply them in your life journey. Externally the vibrations of heulandite take you to another dimension, dimension of hidden knowledge, ancient knowledge, knowledge that you can only view when you fly higher just like the birds. A view from above, knowledge of the elevated beings. This sacred knowledge has been given to us in the form of heulandite by mother earth.

Stilbite holds a very warm, soft and smooth energy. Energy that expands your peaceful thinking and your inner knowledge. Stilbite attaches you to the signals and guidance that is roaming around you, signs which you haven’t been able to pick up due to a cluttered mind. The frequency of stilbite gives you the ability to soften the unwanted and stubborn thinking patterns that your mind has created based on past experiences. Stilbite opens up your energy to recognize all the opportunities and possibilities that are present around you. The energy of this mineral assists your mind to be at ease, it enhances your ability to go deep within your yogi self. This mineral is really beneficial at times of stress, it brings more light in darkness so that problem solving can be done with ease and calmness.