Healing Stick Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz -  

When your heart is at ease the whole world will feel like a breeze.

Your heart is the main entry point to your energetic field, it is the place where you receive and absorb all types of surrounding energies. That is why it’s really important to consistently work on your heart energy just like consistently going to the gym to workout.

Rose quartz is one of the most essential stones used to balance our heart energy. It brings forth the heart blockages and guards you have put up, It makes that ignored energy known and then helps you by removing those blockages and healing them. Energy blockages restrict us from receiving full love and being the best version of our self. 

Those guards were put up by you so you don’t get hurt and face disappointments again, it’s one of our natural instinct which we all do. Rose quartz helps you see past all those disappointments and make peace with them as a lesson. It makes room for new love in your heart, to Receive & Give.

This stone raises our loving frequency so that we can insert love in everything we do; which then brings other positive traits in every action of ours, like Good intentions, Caring, Full of art, Full of your best being and Creation.


Weight: 4.0 oz Length: 7 inches