Pink Himalayan Quartz
Pink Himalayan Quartz

Pink Himalayan Quartz

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Himalayan Quartz is one of the most powerful crystal on this planet, it is known to have the highest and the purest vibrations of the universe that the earth is holding. It is a crystal that helps create major energetic shifts within you, it is known to ignite a spiritual beginning for you, or take your existing spirituality on a higher level. Himalayan quartz is a teacher, transmitting knowledge of the past, knowledge from the beginning of civilizations. This crystal is known to store valuable ancient information that was meant for this current world to learn and share. Himalayan quartz is found in some of the highest mountain peaks located between India and Tibet, they are full of meditative, sacred, mystical, and powerful energy. These mountains are known to be Shiva’s home, heaven on earth consisting beautiful valleys full of energy vortexes. Some of the holiest rivers flowing through it, some of the greatest sages have meditated through these valleys seeking the highest vibrations. Being present in these mountains is a blessing on its own, to whom who have visited only knows the bliss that is felt there. With that said you can only imagine the vibrations held in the Himalayan quartz that is found in that region.

Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 1 inches