Green Apophyllite with Pink Chalcedony
Green Apophyllite with Pink Chalcedony

Green Apophyllite with Pink Chalcedony

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Green Apophyllite comes straight from Mother nature's garden, a special garden where these deep green colors form just like the leaves and fruits in our garden. When this rare mineral is brought in our presence, it raises our frequency to become vibrant just like its color. Its energy is felt by our heart the most, the heart quickly absorbs this energy and then circulates this vibrant energy all throughout the body and our aura. The energy magnified by this mineral produces a creative balance in our chakras, the balance optimizes our well-being and energy levels. This energy will literally make you dance at all times. These vibrations will give you a lot of hope, hope of receiving ultimate love and balance.

Vibrations projected by Chalcedony helps you fight fear and removes fear from your core. It raises your vibrations to strengthen your sense of hope. Chalcedony helps you see the positive side of the situations. The vibrations of chalcedony help you verbalize your visions and ideas, it gives you the ability to talk creatively and freely. This mineral is often found in a sparkly druzy form, which is visually very stimulating and enables a wonderful imagination surpassing your limits and boundaries. Those visualizations can have a powerful effect on your life leading to actually materializing them.


Dimensions: 6.5 X 4.5 X 2 Inches