Apophyllite & Chalcedony
Apophyllite & Chalcedony

Apophyllite & Chalcedony

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A clear mind, a sharp mind, a decluttered mind and a peaceful mind makes us the best version of us. A clear mind gives us the ability to make mindful decisions in our life and therefore to achieve that, we all seek clarity, spirituality, connection to the higher energy to uplift our consciousness. Well, Apophyllite is the crystal that helps you achieve all of that by vibrating on a higher frequency. The frequency of apophyllite links your energy to the energy of the highest source of light. Once the link is established your guidance from above and within are aligned, you are then functioning at your highest capability while being guided by the divine light. The pure clear vibrations of apophyllite are continuously working and transmuting any negative energy in your aura into positive energy. Even structurally Apophyllite is designed by nature to have a pyramid point, the only crystal ever found to have that. The pyramid shape helps project our intentions and energies out into the universe.

Vibrations projected by Chalcedony helps you fight fear and removes fear from your core. It raises your vibrations to strengthen your sense of hope. Chalcedony helps you see the positive side of the situations. The vibrations of chalcedony help you verbalize your visions and ideas, it gives you the ability to talk creatively and freely. This mineral is often found in a sparkly druzy form, which is visually very stimulating and enables a wonderful imagination surpassing your limits and boundaries. Those visualizations can have a powerful effect on your life leading to actually materializing them.