Clarity is needed to be in full control of your life, mental clarity is needed to be spiritually connected and practice mindfulness. These basic techniques help provide clarity in your mind and life. 7/16/2018..



We are all creators and artists in our own way. We all have amazing ideas that we want to work on but sometimes we run into creative blocks and are unable to physically create and materialize our idea. In this video i share simple steps i followed to remove creative blocks and physically created my vision. 6/29/2018..

Creative Blocks


How to attract love in all forms in life. How to open up to receive love and become aware of the Heart chakra blockages is what this video is all about. One of the most important areas to work on is your heart chakra in my opinion, it's your front door to your energy field. Don't leave it locked in fear of entry, be welcoming because that's how love will enter your space. 6/27/2018.

Attracting Love


In this video i talk about the basics of removing energy blockages. These suggestions are the first steps towards removing energy blocks and letting the energy flow. Posted 06/16/2018

Removing energy blockages


Over the past few years these have been the top 3 questions people ask me about energy work. How to remove blockages and move forward in life, how to attract love, how to have clarity and luck in their lives. Posted 06/14/2018

Top 3 Questions asked about Energy


My new format to answer your questions. Posted 06/13/2018

Crystals of India - Energy work questions