Clear Rainbow Calcite Obelisk
Clear Rainbow Calcite Obelisk
Clear Rainbow Calcite Obelisk

Rainbow Calcite

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Calcite represents oneness and opens you up to receive light. Its energy purifies you and brings out the best traits within you. This mineral reminds us of our clarity. The clarity we need in order to acknowledge the colors within us, the clarity that illuminates our inner passion, creativity and power. Calcite is a remover of stagnant energy (Stagnant energy=Negative energy) and provides us assistance in manifesting our intentions. This is a powerful tool for bringing some purpose to your life. It helps by flowing energy to areas within you and in your space where uplifting is necessary. A stone for the creatives, who constantly want creative energy flowing. This crystal helps break creative blockages and rejuvenates your artistry. Calcite releases suppressed energy smoothly and swiftly within yourself, aligning it and harmonizing it like you were reborn.