Nuummite Palm Stone

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Nuummite – The energy of Nuummite is felt instantly, it attaches to you like a magnet because that’s what it is intended to do. It becomes part of you just like your shadow but with a good intention. Nuummite’s energy keeps refining your energy where it pulls out and extracts any energy that you intent to let go.  It guides and helps you to remove any habitual practices that you don’t want to associate with anymore. Some of these unwanted habits were picked up by you unknowingly along the journey of your life and were only meant to be practiced temporary given the circumstances at that given point of time. Certain situations in life make us picks up habits that do more harm than good, those habits then take over the mind and create negative thought patterns. Nuummite helps you cleanse and get rid of it all, it helps you break those habits and move forward in life with fresh beginnings.


Size: About 2.5 - 3 inches Weight: About 3oz each