Why to cleanse and recharge your crystals

If you are reading this, you’re probably using crystals in your practice or have crystals around you. You probably have heard that crystals need to be cleansed and recharged, and you want to know more about the process. Charging crystals is a simple and essential process that I will explain. Let’s start by listing down some basics of life so you can equally relate. As you have noticed humans also need to be charged daily after our packed days of work and running around. Few ways we recharge ourselves is by sleeping, eating, drinking water or simply soaking in the Sun. Mostly anything alive on this planet needs a recharge, like animals, trees and plants..etc. In fact our planet earth needs to be recharged as well and it does so by the ultimate source of energy; the Sun & the Moon star. The sun recharges planet earth by providing it with its divine energy. The moon recharges the planet by providing its calm, creative and cool energy. With that said; humans, animals, trees and everything I have listed including crystals have a frequency and vibration. It’s the frequency and vibration that needs a charge. For us humans the higher the frequency the better we will feel.

Crystals are an important element and piece of planet earth that hold high vibrations. These elements are alive which is why we feel good with them around us. We feel the positive vibrations of crystals and that is why we choose to build a practice and include them in our habitat. We keep them in our homes and offices to circulate and project good energy. Crystals work like a hi-fi technology device; they absorb negative energy in our space and turn that into positive energy. Crystals remove stagnant energy and create a good flow around us.  Since us humans are known to absorb energy with our five senses, we surely do absorb the positive energy of the crystals around us. Crystals have a unique crystalline structure which is always being put to work by raising the vibrations around its surrounding. Because of the work they do they require to be recharged so they can work their natural machinery at its optimal speed. Typically we keep Crystals inside our homes where they are not getting their natural fuel(Sun, Moon, water) and because of this reason they need to be charged up.

Crystals need to be recharged under the sun so the frequencies held by crystals are elevated. Not only does a crystal recharge itself, it intakes the powerful sun energy, amplifies it and projects it around us. 

Here is a simple example of how we absorb energy, Imagine sitting next to someone for an hour and the person is talking about their problems. The person is depressed and as a good friend you are listening to them. You are doing a great deed by listening in, but through your sense of hearing you are taking in the depressed energy. You won’t get depressed right away, but later on when the energy circulates around your aura, it might affect you. Now just because of this you're not going to not listen to problems your close ones have, but instead you can protect your energy while you are listening to them. You can cleanse and recharge your energy after you are done interacting with them. Our humanly senses are meant to absorb energy, by hearing, touching, seeing and more.


You can keep crystals on you to protect your energy, like kyanite and Tigers eye- known to cleanse and protect. Apophyllite is also a good one which transmutes the energy into positive

You can hold selenite and recharge yourself after a humanely interaction with someone else. Selenite helps get rid of the negative energy you may have picked up. It is known to soak in all the bad energy and give you calmness. 

You shouldn’t go to bed with feeling negative energy, you have to reflect that energy elsewhere. That’s when crystals come in handy; Crystals are amazing to cleanse your energy. There are many other ways to recharge your energy but using crystals is one of my favorite methods.


Quartz with Chlorite and Rutile


Sending blessings to you all.