Crystals are the best Metaphysical Tools

Crystals are an important element of our planet, they are blessings given to us by mother nature.  We are all born with a sense within us to feel vibrations and frequencies. Just the way we are born to feel the breeze of the wind/air, feel the waves of the ocean, the smell and touch of trees, feel the coolness of the earth when walking barefoot on it. All these senses are embedded within us along with the ability to absorb and benefit from the frequencies of Crystals.

Crystals Metaphysically:

Crystals are tools made by nature, that we can use to shift and transfer our sacred energy, one of their functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. In this modern day, being surrounded by crystals is the best way to be connected with nature and leverage off their high vibrations.

As we go on in our lives with our daily routines, we are surrounded by man made objects. Starting from commuting to work, in a car, bus or train. Then being in front of a computer all day at work. There is nothing natural around us all day. These man made objects do nothing but take your positive energy away from you, One of the main reasons you come home really tired and drained. Being around crystals promotes positive energy in your surrounding.  Connecting to their frequencies by including them in your daily practice creates a good energy flow in your Aura. keeping Crystals in your homes is very beneficial for good health, wealth and prosperity.

Why i needed crystals:

I had a very different lifestyle before crystals came into my life, i was caught with the daily 9 -5 routine. Computers and lights were sucking my energy away. I was very unbalanced and didn’t even know it until i got my calling and had my spiritual awakening. Growing up with crystals i had no idea about their benefits until i started learning about them and using them in my lifestyle. I started keeping crystals in my room, office and even carrying some in my pocket. From that moment on, i started to feel a shift in my energy and went on this transition phase in my life where the energy guided me to the path i am suppose to be in. A peaceful and content path. A path with purpose, clarity and love.  My daily practice of connecting to their frequency, spending time with them, meditating with them did wonders to my overall energy.


Blessings! Aman Singh Mukar